Monday, June 14, 2010

Stones vs Beatles

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles are the two greatest bands from England. The Rolling Stones formed in London in 1962 and have stayed together for over 40 years. With front man Mick Jagger, they are definitely an act to watch. Their most popular songs include Paint It Black, I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday and Wild Horses. But my favorite Stones song is Memory Motel.
The Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960. They started out playing skiffle and classic 50s rock and roll and progressed to folk and psychedelic. Lennon/McCartney were the greatest songwriting partnership and have written over 180 songs. George Harrison also wrote many good songs too like, Something, Here Comes The Sun, etc. I think their best albums are Sgt. Pepper's Lonely hearts Club Band and Abbey Road. I have to say The Beatles win the battle for me.

Photos- Barrie Wentzell, Robert Whitaker, Tom Wright, Ethan Russell,

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HippieGirl said...

My 2 fave British rock bands! Awesome post!