Friday, July 30, 2010


After the Beatles disbanded Paul McCartney didn't want to quit his musical career for good. So he continued making music solo. He released his first album "McCartney." He worked with his wife Linda on his second album "Ram" in 1971. "I didn't really want to keep going as a solo artist. Just me and a guitar, so it became obvious that I had to get a band together. Johnny Cash had just come back, and he had a band that was touring. Linda and I talked it through and it was like, yeah, but let's not put together a super group. Let's go back to square one."

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Denny Seiwell joined on drums and Denny Lain on guitar, Paul on bass and Linda on keyboard was the first lineup of the band. At first the band did not have a name. But when Linda gave birth to her daughter Stella there was complications, so she had to stay in the hospital, Paul also stayed too. "It had been such a touch-and-go thing, such a drama that I was imagining angel's wings. And I thought that's a nice image-wings.

wings tour bus

lyrics to Bluebird
photo shoot for band on the run
in Nashville

Jamming on the recording boat. "We thought of recording our next album, London town in the Virgin Islands-on the basis, I think, that it was warmer there. There wasn't a studio but we took mobile equipment and installed it on the boat-it was as good as being in a proper studio, but if you wanted to have a break you could dive off the side for a swim! It was the craziest decision, really, for an album called London Town, but this was a time when people were working that way. in the late 1960s bands hadn't had the luxury of working that way, and now we had. We wanted to combine work and play."

photos-scanned by me from Wingspan(Paul McCartney's Band On The Run) wikipedia, flickr)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sixty Seven Years

Happy 67th Birthday Mick! Mick jagger is ultimately the greatest front man , with his glam outfits of the 70s and mystical dancing on stage, he is a sight to see. Thank You for changing my life with your music, Mick.

Mick's suitcase

(photos-Dick Waterman, Henry Diltz, Terry O'Neill, Baron Wolman, Al Satterwine, Barrie Wentzell, Ethan Russel, Robert Altman, Stephanie Chernikowski, Lynn Goldsmith, Bob Gruen, Ian Wright,