Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Easy Rider

Easy Rider is a 1969 film directed by Dennis Hopper and written by Peter Fonda, Terry Southern and Dennis Hopper. It's about two hippie bikers who sell dope in California and use the money to travel across the country and look for a way to lead their lives. Peter Fonda actually got the idea for the film after seeing a picture of himself and Bruce Dean on motorcycles. He then got Dennis Hopper involved when Peter promised him he could direct the film. For the movie Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper didn't even have a crew , so they picked up hippies across the country and friends to hold the cameras. The first time I watched the film was last summer. It's not the greatest movie I've seen but it does have a great setting where they filmed it, and it will defiantly make you want to go out and buy a leather fringe jacket and a motorcycle. The movie also has a really good soundtrack. Peter Fonda asked Bob Dylan to write a theme song for the film, but Dylan declined. He did though, offer the lines " The river flows it flows to the sea, where ever that river goes is where I want to be." Bob Dylan wrote those lyrics on a napkin and told Peter Fonda "give that to McGuinn." Roger McGuinn added his own music and lyrics and titled the song " Ballad Of Easy Rider." After watching the film, Bob Dylan saw that he had been named co-writer of the song. Dylan did not like the ending of the film so he demanded it be removed, which it was. I actually taught myself how to play Ballad Of Easy Rider on guitar and it's a really great song.

the Connection, played by phil Spector
Wyatt's Rolex
Wyatt's burning motorcycle


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