Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd is the younger sister of the model and ex-wife of George Harrison Pattie Boyd.  Jenny was a model too just like both of her sisters and worked in the Apple Boutique  She accompanied the Beatles along with their wives to India in 1968.  Donovan was also attending the meditation training in India with The Beatles and Jenny began a relationship with him during their stay.  He wrote the song Jennifer Juniper about her.  Jenny actually married Mick Fleetwood on June 12, 1970, whom she had an on again off again relationship with.  They had two daughters named Lucy and Amy and divorced in 1977.  In 1984 Jenny ended up marring Ian Wallace, whom she is still married to.,,


JessM said...

I love Jenny Boyd! She had such a unique look to her. In my opinion every bit as pretty as Pattie:) Those Boyds got all the musicians! Haha

gloria said...

Jenny seems like a really cool person, I wish I had gotten to "know" her better through Wonderful Tonight. And the youngest sister, Paula--the wild child!