Friday, August 5, 2011

Head Over Heels

In the 1960s shoes were a big part of fashion.  Patent leather came in all different vibrant colors along with chunky heels and buckles.  Kitten heels and Mary Janes and go go boots were popular through the mid to late sixties.  Platforms were also popular in the late sixties and through out the seventies.  Plastic knee high boots designed by Mary Quant came into style during the mid sixties and were perfect to compliment the mini skirt.  The boots had an unusual design, a zipper that ran down the side and another one that ran around the whole boot that could be unzipped and worn as ankle boots.  There were so many fashionable shoes to choose from in the sixties.
photos-corbis,, gettyimages,,,, flickr, tumblr,,,,, childofthemoon,, scans from Photographing Fashion


Nicole said...

some of them are really beautiful and interesting, i want the boots with yellow submarine =D they're perfectly crazy...but i can't imagine walking on the penultimate high heels =D

Lizzy said...

oooh ahhhh I want/love all of these. 60s/70s shoes were so fab!

Leticia said...

Hell yes! awesome collection! The 60´s and 70´s had the best shoes ever. peace