Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Charlotte Martin

Charlotte Martin was a successful french model during the sixties and early seventies.  She was the girlfriend of Eric Clapton through the mid to late sixties. Eric explains their relationship, 'At the Speakeasy Club, I had first met one of the great loves of my life, a very beautiful French model,Charlotte Martin. I was smitten with her from the very first moment I set eyes on her. She was very beautiful in an austere way, classically French, with long legs and an incredible figure, but it was her eyes that got on me. They were slightly Asian with a downward slant, and a little bit sad. We started dating right away and soon moved in together into a flat in Regents Park belonging to Stigwood's partner, David Shaw, who was the financial brains behind the organization.Charlotte was an incredible girl, more interested in films, art and literature than in modeling, and we had a great time together.' They broke up in 1968.  Charlotte met Jimmy Page in 1970 at royal Albert Hall.  They married that same year and the following year had a daughter named Scarlet.  Their relationship lasted til the early eighties.
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Lizzy said...

She is beautiful and she definately has great style! Thanks for sharing these pics :)

gloria said...

hi there~ i havent been on blogger very much but i'm back and have been catching up on your posts. quality stuff~
i just read pattie boyd's biography. i cant remember if she mentioned charlotte ever, but boy did eric get around!