Thursday, August 11, 2011

Go Ask Grace

Grace Slick was born October 30, 1939 in Illinois.  She is best known for being in the bands Jefferson Airplane and Starship.  She had great style and a very powerful voice.  Before she got into the psychedelic music scene of the sixties, she was a model for I. Magnin.  After getting married, she and her husband decided to form a band called the Great Society.  They were influenced by the Beatles and after seeing Jefferson Airplane perform at the matrix, Grace realized she could make a lot more money as a musician rather than a model.  Grace played guitar and recorder and sang for the band and also wrote the majority of the songs, including her most famous song White Rabbit, which she wrote in an hour.  Grace Slick joined Jefferson Airplane in 1966 to replace the singer Signe Toly Anderson.  Her career with the Airplane lasted until the early seventies.  She then went on to sing with Jefferson Starship and Starship. 



JessM said...

amazing post!

Lovvvvve Grace:)

Arne Stenborg said...

Pure beauty, talent and soul. And still is these 50 years later.

Love ya Gracie. Peace. We need it now more than ever.