Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ladies Of The Canyon

Laurel Canyon was a very famous neighborhood during the 60s amongst some of the greatest musicians.  Located between West Hollywood and the San Fernando valley, Laurel Canyon was filled with mountains and hillsides and was the perfect place for L.A. musicians to reside.  Residents included Frank Zappa, who lived in a log cabin with his wife Gail, Jim Morrison lived on "Love Street", as he called it, with his girlfriend Pamela. Graham Nash wrote the song "Our House" about Joni Mitchell's Laurel Canyon home.  Joni Mitchell's album Ladies Of The Canyon was inspired by the Laurel Canyon neighborhood.  Jackie DeShannon's album Laurel Canyon was also inspired by the neighborhood, as she explains,  "There were so many creative artists living in and around Laurel Canyon.  I was the first one to use 'Laurel Canyon' as the title for an album.  I think I was inspired by the organic nature of the landscape.  The L.A. music scene was very special.  The musicians came from all over the country and when they played together in the studio, it was unique.  They brought their roots with them, I've had some great impromptu jam sessions at the house.  I fell in love with L.A. when I first came here.  I loved the feeling of freedom and sunny weather.  I wrote it's tribute song while I was recording Laurel Canyon.  This was the first concept album for me.  I had a chance to express my ideas and have a recurring musical theme throughout the material.  My albums up until this time were separate single sessions."  Other residents of the canyon were groupies Pamela Des Barres, Catherine James and singers Linda Ronstadt and Cher.

Nurit Wilde
photos-scanned from Canyon of Dreams, fanpix, last.fm, corbis, gypsysupertramp.tumblr.com, classicallycara.tumblr.com

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