Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Looking Through You

So many different shade sizes, styles and lens colors.  It's hard to choose the perfect sunglasses.  There's the round hippie lenses that Janis Joplin and John Lennon made popular in the late sixties.  There's also the oversize plastic mod shades that Jackie O made popular.  Sunglasses were an essential accessory in the sixties and still are today.  But the sixties shades were the best!
Photos-acephotos, handbag,,,, scans from Canyon Of  Dreams


Shelly said...

Love the sixties, and all those sunglasses. I'm personally a fan of the ray bans, and cat eye, or those in the Prada collection. Cool blog!

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Stephanie said...

Pattie & George :) aww