Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In The Studio

Some photos of bands and musicians behind the scenes recording in the studio.  The most popular studios were Gold Star, which was famous for the Specter "Wall Of Sound. "  The Beach Boys also recorded numerous albums there including Pet Sounds and Good Vibrations.  Wally Heider opened in 1969 in San Francisco and was where Jefferson Airplane and The Gratefull Dead recorded.  Abbey Road was where The Beatles recorded almost all of their albums with producer George Martin.  Some Musicians had in home studios and could record in the comfort of their own home, like Brian Wilson did. 
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Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

I love studio pictures alot <3

susan passias said...

It's neat to see the artists in this phase of their music making! Geniuses at work!!!!

Drew Watts said...

I just loved these pictures. Everyone seems busy with their work. These days I am also busy in my work at home studios NYC. We are arranging annual party there and everyone is helping me out. Hopefully we will enjoy the event.