Thursday, December 9, 2010

And I Love Her

Jane Asher was born April 5th 1946 in Willesden England.  She is an actress and cake decorator, but I know her best as the girlfriend of Paul McCartney.  Her acting career started in 1952 when she starred in the film Mandy.  She also starred in a number of other films and TV appearances.  Jane met all four Beatles backstage after one of their shows. But she was interested in Paul the most.  In 1964 Paul moved into the Asher Family home and lived in their attic. There he would write songs about Jane including, "And I Love Her,"  "Here There And Everywhere,"  "All My Loving,"  "We Can Work It Out" etc.  In 1967 they were engaged and Jane even traveled with Paul to India to meditate in 1968.  But a couple months later they ended their five year relationship.
(Photos flickr)

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