Tuesday, December 20, 2011


A huge part of being in a band was touring and performing to promote your music.  Along with it also came drama, sex, drugs, and groupies.  The Beatles quit touring and playing live in 1966 but were still very popular and successful and still are today.  Famous and infamous tours and bands include The Rolling Stones tour of the Americas in 1975.  During the tour props were featured onstage such as ropes that Mick Jagger swung from and a giant phallus.  The plan was to tour both North America and South America but they only toured North America and Canada.  The tour started out with the stones riding down 5th avenue in a flatbed truck playing Brown Sugar.  Another tour was Led Zeppelins 1975 tour of North America.  It was not a very good tour for the band.  Starting off with Jimmy Page breaking his ring finger by slamming it in a train door.  And Robert Plant also had a bad case of the flu and John Bonham had diarrhea the whole time.  
gratefull dead tour bus
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Nicole said...

Great photos! I wish I could be on any of that fabulous concerts..=)


HippieGirl said...

Don't anyone think that the Stones could have gotten into trouble having a blowup of a man's genitals on stage? That's kinda nasty, :D