Sunday, January 9, 2011

British Style: Part 1

England had a lot to offer in the sixties, when it came to fashion.  And was home to top fashion designers Mary Quant and Ossie Clark, who often collaborated with his wife Celia Britwell on designing clothes.  Top sixties models included Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Penelope Tree and Gala Mitchell, who was Ossie Clark's favorite model.  British fashion in the mid-sixties consisted of patterned tights often wore with the new mini skirt invented by Mary Quant.  By the late sixties the maxi dress was the new fashion fad.  London was also home to the famous fashion stores Biba and Granny Takes A Trip, during the swinging sixties scene.
(All photos: scanned by me from Photographing Fashion, please give credit if you re-post)

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Dolly Rocker Girl said...

BEYOND amazingggg!
So many of these photos I've never seen. Fab!